Sunday, March 31, 2013

Home and Away

We've returned after a week in the woods, and while I miss the quiet of the cabin, it's good to be home, too.  Near the mountain there's no cell service or internet connection, no distractions of new television episodes or errands around town.  We spent three days and four nights reading books, playing card games, sharing meals, cocktails, and stories, taking walks and photographs, and a surprising number of naps.  We took time to settle, really settle, and celebrate five years of marriage.  We laughed and talked and made plans and changed plans and at the end of our stay we felt grateful for our time away and grateful for the desire to return home to the lives we have, not just the lives we want.  

Five years in and I cannot imagine a day without him - he asked me when he came around that wall in the photo above if I was ready to go home.  Yes, I said, I'm ready - but really, with him, I was already there.